SAVE THE PLANET ACADEMY in Partnership with TGO and LocoSoco

I'm Brandon,
Let's save the planet!

We all know we need to change, but my mission is to inspire people to want to change.

As you can see from the climate clock above, we only have a few years  to prevent the planet warming more than 1.5 degrees and prevent irreversible climate change.

If we work together, we can solve the problem and feel great in the process. By expanding forests, switching to renewables and a plant based diet, we can extend the time we have, reduce methane and CO2 and protect the animal kingdom and ultimately ourselves.

Keep reading for how we can work together for a brighter future



Play Video about Its Action Time by TGO and Save The Planet Academy

See Your Tree

help grow this map and make it full of trees by planting and logging your trees

Tree Counter

plant a tree today and log it here

Log your sapling in the Children's Forest and watch our forest grow

SAVE THE PLANET ACADEMY in Partnership with TGO and LocoSoco


Children worldwide have been protesting for climate action, so it is a great time for communities to respond. I believe schools, communities and organisations can take the first step towards protecting the planet.

As part of my school enterprise project, I have created this website, teamed up with a national supply of eco friendly products and integrated tree planting into the profit share. I have found the most efficient ways to tree plant, helping people get out of poverty. I also believe we can all get our hands dirty too and so I have come up with an idea to create a national tree planting scheme for schools. So in summary, there is something every organisation or individual can do:

  1. Buy our eco-friendly products for your organisation and we will plant trees in Kenya with Eden Reforestation project
  2. Buy a tree planting kit for your school / organisation and create your own mini Children’s forest on your open space
  3. Plant trees in your garden / open space and log them on The Children’s Forest form on the site to create a virtual forest – let’s see how many trees we can collectively plant!
  4. Eliminate meat and dairy to reduce your carbon footprint by 73% – buy my oat milk and I will plant trees too
  5.  Switch to renewable energy today
  6. Sponsor a local tree-champion to plant a tree in your name


Buy these products for your school or organisation and we will plant trees...

Tree Planting Academy

Learn how to plant a tree and other sustainable ideas


A Local Tree-Champion

Photo JOurnal

The Journey to
10 million trees

What are you waiting for? Order your products, tree planting kits or just start planting and logging your trees in the Children’s Forest.  For more enquiries about deliveries / products email my operations partner